Mapping Toronto Mayor Campaign Contributions


The maps shown below are the result of analyzing campaign contribution data from Open Data – Toronto along with population data from Statistics Canada*. The boundary data for displaying the Forward Sortation Areas (FSAs) is based on boundary files from Statistics Canada. text

 * Note: Statistics Canada privacy rules dictate that it must round population data that is below 15. For this analysis, all populations below 15 were set to 14.

2010 – Contributions to Toronto Mayor Campaign

This map shows campaign contributions to the 2010 Toronto mayor elections based on the forward sortation area (first three characters) of the contributor. The total contributions per forward sortation area (FSA) is normalized based on it’s population.

2006 – Contributions to Toronto Mayor Campaign

Campaign contributions for the 2006 mayor elections, with the same shading categories/rules as the 2010 map shown above. You can see that 2010 had a significant increase in overall contributions.

2006 – Contributions to Toronto Mayor Campaign – Modified shading categories

Similar to the other 2006 map shown above. The shading categories/rules have been modified to accommodate for the lower overall contributions in 2006.